Report on SBOE Meeting

Thank you so much to all of you who sent e-mails about the proposed attendance requirements. Our voices were clearly heard, and hopefully will have made a difference. We were told by the Board of Education that they had received many e-mails from concerned citizens.

Homeschoolers were well represented at the meeting. Five homeschool parents provided testimony. By the end it did seem like we were beating a dead horse, but I think that is exactly what was needed. The Board heard the same thing from all five of us: “Please remove homeschools from this regulation.”

After the meeting I had an opportunity to speak with a couple of the Board members. One told me that it should be a simple matter to clean that language out of the regulation, and that of course they should do that. Another member, Patrick Mara, has been responsive to several of my questions and offered to help if there was any way he could. Finally I spoke with Jose Alvarez, the OSSE Chief of Staff. He said that he believes we will be happy with the rewritten regulation. He took my contact information and said he would allow me a chance to comment on it before they finalized it.

Thanks again to all of you who wrote e-mails. It certainly helped. And thank you to Tom Carpenter, Farrar Williams, Audri Beugelsdijk, and Emily Bradley for coming to testify.

I will continue to provide updates as I am given more information.